simmons vip logoPet Comfort products are completely Made in Italy by Simmons, a company renowned for the undisputed quality of its products, the benchmark for the entire sleep sector. And the sleep quality offered our pets is no exception. Indeed, working with experts in this sector, Simmons has developed specific products for pets: lounge bed Oliver, memory couch Cooper and cozy pad Jake come in different sizes: S -for animals weighing up to 10 kg- and M -for animals up to 20/25 kg. A line completed with a multi-purpose cover Rudy and a refillable dispenser Toby. High quality materials, skilfully crafted details and finishes, and technological innovation: these features for which Simmons is so well known come together in these unique, innovative products. Your new V.I.P.s (Very Important Pets) are protected from fleas and ticks with an environmentally-friendly, effective, revolutionary technology (patent pending) for the sector.

simmons vip

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