for pets

acarzero antiparassitari cani gatti

Protecting pets from problems related to the presence of fleas and ticks is a distinctive feature of responsible care.
The environment must be as healthy as possible, preventing the presence of fleas, ticks and dust mites without using any chemicals, potentially harmful for both pets and masters alike.
The environmentally-friendly Bugs SHIELD and ZeroBugs™ PET devices truly helps prevent parasites, significantly reducing the risk of tick and flea infestation of any pets present or arriving in the future (as such parasites are carriers of dangerous infective diseases).
The environmentally-friendly AcarZeroBugs™ WALL protects rooms where pets may be present.
The environmentally-friendly Bugs SHIELD, ZeroBugs™ PET and AcarZeroBugs™ WALL devices have proven effective and compatible with both animals and people by university testing.


The innovative, battery-powered, environmentally-friendly pest control devices emit sound waves, most commonly known as "ultrasound" waves, at a particular frequency (40.000 Hz) which cannot be perceived by the human ear or by pets. They are simply vibrating air, like a sound, and are nothing like the electromagnetic radiation emitted, for example, by mobile telephones. Such mechanical sound waves are quite disturbing only to the parasites, preventing or reducing their concentration.
In nature, many species of animals use ultrasound waves at frequencies higher than those perceived by the human ear to get their bearings and communicate (dolphins and whales), and to locate obstacles and capture prey (as bats flying at night).
These mechanical sound waves are completely safe for humans, even for wearers of pacemakers, and for household pets.

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