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Environmentally-friendly device to protect against ticks and fleas for person.

Light and comfortable to wear, ZeroBugs™ PLUS is the ideal solution to ward off ticks and fleas from humans during sports and physical activities in the great outdoors. A truly environmentally-friendly solution with no contraindications as it does not use any potentially harmful chemicals.

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Completely non-toxic, the ZeroBugs™ PLUS controller device operates by emitting ultrasound pulses that are perfectly harmless to humans (even for wearers of pacemaker or other devices) and for pets, but which disturb ticks and fleas, keeping them at bay. The emitted ultrasound waves only affect the nervous systems of ticks and fleas, disturbing them so much that they are forced to abandon the person and, at the same time, preventing a new attack.
ZeroBugs™ PLUS is fitted with two emitters: one with broad frontal action, the other with right, left and downward emission.

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Available in: camouflage artic, camouflage desert, camouflage trekking, camouflage explorer, camouflage army, black, white, green, orange fluo, transparent.

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