Dust mites: the invisible enemy
of health and hygiene

acarzero dispositivo acaricida elettronico allergia agli acariIn the last two decades there has been a significant rise in allergies. Indeed, today, dust mite-induced allergies are a matter of great importance for society as a whole. Dust mites (dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and dermatophagoides farinae) are micro-organisms measuring just 0,3 micron (3 thousandths of a millimetre) and thus invisible to the naked eye: their concentrations range from 10 to 1000 mites per gram of dust. They cannot be seen, they cannot be heard, they do not bite, and yet they are the main cause of respiratory allergies.
The allergy-causing elements are their droppings, their eggs and their glandular secretions which, when released in the air, are inhaled. An extremely important environmental parameter for the development of dust mites is the relative humidity; in fact, if the relative humidity is below 60%, mites find development difficult. The most common mites are called "dust mites" and their permanent habitat is the home environment; their favourite sites are mattresses, covers, curtains, carpets, pillows, furry toy animals and books left open to the air.

In mattresses, dust mites feed on small fragments of skin and dandruff normally shed during the night.
The temperature and humidity produced by sweat creates the ideal conditions for their breeding. Consequently, decreasing the dust mite concentration in the environment is the first and foremost step to reducing allergies.

Stop to dust mites

acarzero dispositivo acaricida elettronico divieto acari 300pxAvailable in 3 versions (BED - PILLOW - HOME), AcarZero™ is a dust mite controller that is completely safe for humans and household pets. It can significantly reduce the concentration of dust mites colonizing mattresses, pillows and the general home environment and does so without using any chemicals that could be harmful to human health or biocides.
The effectiveness and practicality of AcarZero™ makes it the solution of choice for clearing rooms of dust mites. This dust mite clearing effect is achieved progressively once the device is started up and reaches maximum effect within 90 days, depending on the initial dust mite concentration; instead, in healthy environments, it prevents their formation.

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