Strategy for an effective defence
against dust mites

acarzero alert eng 1 Choose a non-allergenic mattress from one of our partners' brands.

acarzero alert eng 2 Integrate the mattress using the AcarZero™ BED defence system. The special patented EasyLink™ on the mattress makes it is perfectly compatible.

acarzero alert eng 3 Increase the level of protection through the addition AcarZero™ PILLOW.

acarzero alert eng 4 Reach the maximum level of protection by integrating these with AcarZero™ HOME.

Top mattress brands

logo simmons

beautyrest 2015

trycel memored 2015

logo flexlinea

have chosen AcarZero™, in Italy, to fight dust mites,
without the use of chemical substances or biocides
in their mattresses and pillows.

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